Press Release

March 20 2017



IGNCA and IFI successfully organised the recently concluded three- day conference titled ‘Global Perceptions of Indian Heritage’ in collaboration with Infinity Foundation India (IFI) Swadeshi Indology Conference Series SI-2.



A total of 39 papers were presented by noted scholars identified both the organisations combined over 3 days and 11 academic sessions. A special session was dedicated to the ‘Contributions of Indian Indologists’, which was very well received. Apart from this there were 4 plenaries by eminent experts and an inaugural and valedictory function which was graced by many prominent public speakers. As a novel attraction, we had Vakyartha Sadas, the traditional form of Sanskrit debate in India. This happened on all the three days and it was a huge success.






The inaugural was graced with the presence of Sri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Hon’ble Union Cabinet Minister for Law and Justice and Information Technology and Sri. Subramanian Swamy, Rajya Sabha MP from the BJP among others. At the valedictory, the stage was graced with the presence of Dr. Sachchidanand Joshi, Member Secretary, IGNCA along with Sri Rajiv Malhotra and Sri Mohandas Pai of FICS (Foundation for Indian Civilization Studies) who addressed the gathering via recorded video.


We have the entire event videographed and will be putting up the videos in batches as they are edited.

This first batch of videos consisting of the inaugural function, the valedictory, the two monographs (whose authors have been supported by Chennai based Vellayan Chettiar Foundation) and the Best Papers (which was awarded to the best papers at the conference by FICS), is being released now.

Please watch and share the videos with others too. Please remember that this is only batch 1 of the entire set. We will be releasing other videos of the other paper presentations in the coming days as they become ready for publication.



Below is the list of videos that have been released in this first batch.

Please also provide us feedback on the conference by filling the feedback form


Inaugural Session Video
TM Narendran – A Pariksa of Pollock’s Three Dimensional Philology Video
Manjushree Hegde – Politics of Sanskrit Studies Video
Best papers
K. Gopinath – A Computational Theory of Rasa Video
Megh K & Manogna S – Purvapaksa of Pollock’s Chronology Video
NIlesh Oak – Critique of & Rebuttal to Pollock’s Dating for epics Video
Shrinivas Tilak – Mimamsa critique of Pollock’s History Theory Video
Sudarshan Therani – The Science of Meaning Video
Subhodeep Mukhopadhayay – Gaṇita Śāstra & Western Mathematics Video
Sowmya K – Are Sanskrit Grammar & Royal Power Related Video
Manjushree H – Examination of Pollock’s “Project SKSEC” Video
Closing Session Video