Reclaiming Rāmayāna

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    Available soon on AMAZON India and on Kindle. Volume Editorial It gives me pleasure to write a few words by way of editorial to this monograph of my dear student Ms. Manjushree Hegde. This monograph problematises Professor Sheldon Pollock’s interpretation of the Rāmāyaṇa. Epic v/s Itihāsa It is typical of Western scholars to treat Indian Itihāsa-s […]

Western Indology & its Quest for Power

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Available on AMAZON India. Also available (via kindle) globally at 11 other marketplaces. Infinity Foundation India conducted two conferences in the recent past (in July 2016 and February 2017) which examined the impact of some of the writings of Prof. Sheldon Pollock of Columbia University. While the first conference had four themes, the second had six […]

Reclaiming Sanskrit Studies

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Series Editorial It is a tragedy that many among even the conscientious Hindu scholars of Sanskrit and Hinduism still harp on Macaulay, and ignore others while accounting for the ills of the current Indian education system, and the consequent erosion of Hindu values in the Indian psyche. Of course, the machinating Macaulay brazenly declared that […]