SI Conference 2

Summary – List of Videos of All Papers Presented in SI 2

Press Release – All Videos of paper presentations – pdf 




SI-2 Conference Videos (Complete Playlist) Link
Inaugural Session Video
TM Narendran – A Pariksa of Pollock’s Three Dimensional Philology Video
Manjushree Hegde – Politics of Sanskrit Studies Video
Best papers (Themes)
K. Gopinath – A Computational Theory of Rasa Video
Megh K & Manogna S – Purvapaksa of Pollock’s Chronology Video
NIlesh Oak – Critique of & Rebuttal to Pollock’s Dating for epics (Chronology) Video
Shrinivas Tilak – Mimamsa critique of Pollock’s History Theory Video
Sudarshan Therani – The Science of Meaning (Philology) Video
Subhodeep Mukhopadhayay – Gaṇita Śāstra & Western Mathematics Video
Sowmya K – Are Sanskrit Grammar & Royal Power Related (Miscellaneous) Video
Manjushree H – Examination of Pollock’s “Project SKSEC” (Miscellaneous) Video
Plenary Sessions
Dr. R Nagaswamy – Plenary Session 1 Video
Dr. Meenakshi Jain – Plenary Session 2 Video
Dr. Pappu Venugopala Rao – Plenary Session 3 Video
Theme: Rasa
Sharda Narayanan – Rejoinder to Rasa Reader: An Insider View Video
Charu Uppal – Natyasastra to Bollywood: Rasa, an eternal experience Video
Karthik S Joshi – Pollock’s views on Rasa: A Critique Video
Sreejit Datta – Pollock’s “From Rasa Seen to Rasa Heard”: A critique Video
Dr. R Ganesh – Rasa one step below Brahman Video
Dr. R Nagaswamy – Rasa Theory Video
Naresh Cuntoor – Change and growth of Rasa Theory Video
Ashay Naik – Pollock’s Desacralisation of the Indian Rasa Tradition Video
Dr. Pappu Venugopala Rao – Remarks from Chair – Session 1 on Rasa Video
Prof. K. Gopinath – Remarks from Chair – Session 2 on Rasa Video
Theme: Sastra
Madhu & Sudarshan Therani – Sastra of Science & Science of Sastras Video
Dr. Aravinda Rao – Remarks from Chair – Session on Sastra Video
Theme: Desacralization
Sudarshan Therani – The Science of the Sacred Video
Megh K and Manogna S – Sheldon Pollock & Desacralization of Sanskrit Video
Dr. Sonal Mansingh – Impressions of Swadeshi Indology Conference 2 Video
Theme: Chronology
Arvind Prasad – Examining Pollock’s “Sanskrit Cosmopolis” Video
Theme: Miscellaneous
Jayaraman Mahadevan – Pollock’s “Death of Sanskrit” – An Analysis Video
Satyanarayana Dasa – Sanskrit is not dead Video
Animesh Aaryan – Pollock’s ‘Irresponsible’ vs Valimiki’s ‘Plausible’ Ramayana Video
Murali KV – Pollock’s Hypothesis on “Othering” is unscientific Video
Dr. Shashi Tiwari – Remarks from Chair – Session 1 on Misc. Topics Video
Theme: Philology
Ishani Dutta – Pollock’s Philology: Mixing Ramayana and Political Imagination Video
Dr. Korada Subrahmanyam – Remarks from chair – Session on Philology Video
Theme: Mimamsa
Alok Mishra – The divine nature of the Vedas Video
Prof. K S Kannan – Mimamsa and Ahistoricism Video
T N Sudarshan – The Science & Nescience of Mimamsa Video
Ananth Sethuraman – Mimamsa and the Problem of History in Traditional India Video
Sharda Narayanan – Brahmanism, Buddhism and Mimamsa Video
Dr. Koenraad Elst – Remarks from Chair – Mimamsa & some Misc topics Video
Theme: Buddhism
Dr. Koenraad Elst – The Buddha Versus Sheldon Pollock Video
Dr. Rajath V – Hinduism and Buddhism: Convergent or Divergent Video
Sunil M V – Upanishads and Buddha’s Teachings Video
Dr. R Nagaswamy – Conflict between Buddhism and Hinduism Video
Ravi Joshi – Commonalities in Hindu & Buddhist Meta Framework Video
Dr Nagaswamy – Remarks from Chair – Session on Chronology & Buddhism Video
Dr. Amarjiva Lochan – Remarks from Chair – Session on Buddhism Video
Closing Session Video