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Swadeshi Indology Conference on Mind Sciences

“Indian Culture and Psychology: A Consciousness Perspective”
March 22-27, 2018

The Department of Psychology, University of Delhi, and Infinity Foundation India are glad to announce a six-day international conference and workshops on Indian Culture and Psychology: A Consciousness Perspective.

Some of the themes will include:

  • Critical Issues in Indian Psychology
  • Theoretical Models & Applications in Education
  • Theoretical Models & Applications in Clinical and Counseling Psychology
  • Theoretical Models & Applications in Organizational Psychology
  • Research in Indian Psychology: First person, second person, and third person
  • Toward a shastra for Indian Psychology

We propose to invite fifty-four resource persons who are experts in the above- mentioned themes. The goal is to have an intensive dialogue and sustained sharing, and limit attendance to no more than 300 participants. The purpose is to have the participation of students and faculty in Delhi and other Indian cities, to increase their awareness about the efficacy and potential of Indian Psychology, to address both local and global concerns, theoretical and applied. The proceedings will be selectively published.

Scholars who are not included in the attached list of invitees, but who have a serious interest to attend, may contact:

Best regards,

Prof Suneet Varma, Co-Convener, University of Delhi                              Shri Rajiv Malhotra, Co-Convener, Infinity Foundation India

More details available here