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Infinity Foundation India is a not for profit trust incorporated at Chennai, India. It envisages four tracks of activities. Read More

SI Conference 5 (30th March 2019)

Location – Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bengaluru. Date: 30th March 2019. Topic: Karnāṭaka Śāstrīya Saṅgīta – Its Past, Present and Future Read More.

Research Focus

The IFI organised Swadeshi Indology Conference Series intends to pursue research in and across the following broad areas. Read More

'Swadeshi Indology Conference - 5' (Bengaluru | 30 March 30, 2019) Schedule Published.
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SI Conference 5 (30 March 2019))

Concept Note Of the various vidyā-s that originated in India, Adhyātma-vidyā and Saṅgīta-vidyā are quite prominent. Since time… Read More

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Manjushree Hegde Manjushree Hegde holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s in Sanskrit. Apart from the University education,

Expert Opinions

“I am privileged to know Rajiv Malhotra. I call him a revolutionary because he is able to smash the Western scholars in their own idiom. We need many Rajiv Malhotras”.

Subramanian Swamy (Rajya Sabha MP and Former Professor of Economics, Harward)

“The richness of our heritage is intellectually profound and and extraordinary. Sri Rajiv Malhotra has provoked a debate in the world: do you tolerate a…” Read More

Dr. Ravishankar Prasad (Union Minister for Law & Justice, and Information Technology)

“All our development has been through dialogue (Purvapaksha and Uttarapaskha). We have lost that tradition: the tradition needs to be brought back in its… Read More

Prof. V N Jha (Ex-Direction, CASS Pune University & Leading Authority on Indian Logic)

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