Dr. Meera H R

Senior Editor, Infinity Foundation.

Meera H R is an engineer by her initial training. She gave up her software consulting job to pursue her interest in Sanskrit. After acquiring an MA degree, she has now submitted her PhD dissertation on a multi-disciplinary topic involving Cognitive Linguistics and Alaṅkāraśāstra. She has co-authored Vibhinnate, the Kannada translation of Being Different of Sri Rajiv Malhotra and Śrī Rāma Saṅkīrtanam, with Dr. K.S.Kannan.

The papers and book-chapters she has (co/) authored include “Sanskrit – the Phoenix Phenomenon”, “Microcosmic Perspectives on Macrocosmic Management”, “Kātantra Vyākaraṇa”, and “Context in Utterance and Utterance in Context”. She has presented papers in various conferences at the National and International level, including the recent 17th World Sanskrit Conference at Vancouver, Canada.

She is a trained Carnatic classical vocalist and has been under the tutelage of Karnataka Kalashree Vidushi Smt. Jambu Kannan. She has performed at SK Ramachandra Rao Memorial Concert, Vallabham Kalyanasundaram Concert and at various fora such as the Indian Institute of World Culture, Gokhale Institute of Public Affairs, and ISKCON temple. Apart from these, she has taken part in several Aṣṭāvadhāna-s for Kāvyavācana. She has taken part in several lectures on topics such as “Śivānandalaharī”, “Yogatārāvalī”, “Gīta Govinda”, and “Kṛṣṇa Karṇāmṛta”, presenting select verses from the respective works that she has set to music.

She is the Senior Editor in charge of all the Academic Publications of IF.