SI – 1: Presentations

Theme: Is Sanskrit Dead or Alive?

On The Death Of Sanskrit — Manogna Sastry

Sanskrit: The Phoenix Phenomenon — K S Kannan & H R Meera

Theme: Sastra

Pollock’s Position on Sastras – Surya K

Sastras — An Impediment to Progress ? — Rajath V

The Science and Nescience of Sastra – T N Sudarshan

Sheldon Pollock on Sastra — Vrinda Acharya

Understanding Structure of Arguments and Errors in Sheldon Pollock’s Sastra Paper (1985) – Vikas Veshishth

Theme: Ramayana

Critiquing Pollock’s out of Context Reading of the Ramayana – Manjushree Hedge

Ramayana in Context — Charu Uppal

Theme: Pollock’s Position that Sanskrit was Responsible for Holocaust

A Purvapaksha of Deep Orientalism – Ashay Naik

History of Indology and Nazi ideology – Prof. K. Gopinath

Sheldon Pollock’s Idea of a Nazi Indology – Dr. Koenraad Elst

Theme: Some Indic Viewpoints to Refute Pollock’s Positions

On Pollockism- Purvapaksha on Pollock’s Methodologies: Sati Shankar

Pollock’s Hypothesis – “Sanskrit is Dead and Its Okay” — Naresh Cuntoor

Vedic Knowledge, Science & Pollockian Indology – Prof. Ravi Gomatam

Papers That Do Not Come Under Aforementioned Themes

Sense Philology

Orientalist & Post Colonial Basis of Indology – Ravi Joshi