SI – 5: Presentations

Carnatic Music: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow — Dr. R Nagaswamy

Tyagaraja’s Philosophy and Rebuttal of Allegations — Prof. Korada Subrahmanyam

The Music of Muttusvami Dikshita: A Window Into His Personality — Smt. Gayathri Girish

The Non-Translatables Of (South) Indian Music — K Vrinda Acharya

Experimentation In Karnatic Music – How Far Is Too Far? — Dr. Radha Bhaskar

Role Of Patronage — Arvind Brahmakal

Is Carnatic Music a Bastion Of Brahmanical Patriarchy? — Dr. Arathi V B

Christian Attempts To Appropriate Carnatic Music: A Historical Overview — Jataayu

A Critique of ‘A Southern Music: The Karnatik Story’ — Dr. V Ramanathan